Matthew P. Johnson on “The Watch List” with Nicole Petallides

September is typically a weak month for stocks. The lack of economic updates makes some traders wait for more info about a possible rate increase from the Federal Reserve. Should you be concerned about your portfolio? Here, Matthew P. Johnson of Johnson Wealth and Income Management joins Nicole Petallides on the Watch List to discuss …

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Helping Protect Your Retirement Investments

Retirement marks a significant turning point in life, especially for those who have spent years accumulating assets and building a comfortable financial cushion. But no matter how careful you are about saving, there’s always the chance that something could happen to your money.  As you progress to retirement, the importance of shielding and cultivating the …

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Investing podcast

Investment Schizophrenia

Having a lack of focus and control directly (and negatively) affects your investment outcomes. The result? A portfolio that is unstable. Find out more in the latest Capitalized Life and Retirement Show with Matthew P. Johnson here.   Capitalized Life Radio Show · Investment Schizophrenia

Iowa Fiduciary

Mail Bag

Over the course of the year, we get plenty of emails to the studio with specific questions on financial planning and saving for retirement. Today, we’re going to go through our top questions and provide educated answers that will hopefully help you on your way to retirement success. Let’s open the mail bag together in …

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