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Mail Bag

Over the course of the year, we get plenty of emails to the studio with specific questions on financial planning and saving for retirement. Today, we’re going to go through our top questions and provide educated answers that will hopefully help you on your way to retirement success. Let’s open the mail bag together in …

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Iowa Fiduciary

Debt by the Billions

There’s debt, and then there’s debt that could potentially have a stranglehold on your retirement. Find out the facts and how you can deal with debt (especially as you near retirement) with Matthew P. Johnson in the latest Capitalized Life & Retirement Show here.   Capitalized Life Radio Show · Debt By The Billions

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YOUR New Beginnings

Friends, family and planning for the future… The holidays bring a whole new meaning to new beginnings. Make this year a new beginning for YOU. Find out more in the latest Capitalized Life and Retirement Show with Matthew P Johnson here.   Capitalized Life Radio Show · YOUR New Beginnings