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Matthew P. Johnson

Owner and President

Matthew P. Johnson is President and Owner of Johnson Wealth and Income Management, a third-generation company that has been serving clients for over 75 years. Matthew has been advising clients in the financial services industry since 1999. He strives to educate clients on how to invest for income, help to avoid loss by utilizing more conservative investment options, and is dedicated to helping them achieve a well-planned retirement.

Johnson Wealth and Income Management is committed to educating its clients and the community through workshops on topics related to more conservative investment alternatives. He resides in Hardy, IA with his wife, Sarah, and their four children, Naomi, Lydia, Jacob, and Solomon.

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Amanda Johnston

Investment Advisor Representative

Amanda Johnston is an Investment Advisor Representative, Fiduciary and Matthew P. Johnson’s Partner Advisor at Johnson Wealth and Income Management. Her core values include honesty, integrity, and service with a grateful heart. Following Matthew’s example, Amanda’s primary focus is education. She is excited to share knowledge to help investors make smarter and more confident decisions. Amanda Johnston has been working in the financial services industry since 2013. Working side-by-side with Matthew, she recognizes the incredible opportunity to help as many people as possible. She strives to educate clients and provide resources to help execute a strategic retirement plan and create steadiness in an ever-expanding uncertain world.

“I’ve had the great privilege of working side by side with Matthew P. Johnson for over 5 years, and I bring a solid foundation of experience in Financial Services. I am wholly committed to adding value to our clients’ lives while they prepare, transition, and thrive in retirement. As your Fiduciaries, Matthew and I strive to take a team approach in service for you.”

Chasity Cowan

Director of Client Services

Chasity Cowan is the Director of Client Services for Johnson Wealth and Income Management. Originally from Mississippi, she and her family now call Iowa home. Recently, Chasity transitioned from New Business to the Client Services position, so you will still see the same friendly face, just in a new role.

With a good dose of Southern hospitality and a little pinch of humor, Chasity will gladly assist you with all your client service needs. Rest assured that you will be in good hands, and if she does not personally have the answer you need, she will promptly and diligently research to find it.

“My desire is to serve our clients with compassion and respect. Please feel free to reach out to me for any of your client service-related needs. No question is too small, and no problem is too large. Together, we will find a solution. “

retirement planning clear lake iowa

Krystal Martin

New Business Transition Specialist

Krystal Martin is a Transition Specialist at Johnson Wealth and Income Management. She has over 25 years of experience in the mutual fund and 401k field. She returned home to Iowa after 30 years to be closer to family. She has 2 grandchildren and is a loving mother of 3 fur babies. She and her husband own 2 motorcycles and frequently participate in charity rides and just enjoying the open road. Using her experience, coupled with her incredible work ethic, Krystal works to help ensure your onboarding process is a smooth one.

“I am a small-town girl with a huge heart. I will assist you with getting your new investment advisory accounts opened, money transferred and keep you informed of the progress along the way. I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident with your decision to come on board with us and I am dedicated to taking care of YOU!”


Ashley Samuelson

Director of Marketing and Events

Ashley Samuelson is the Director of Marketing and Events at Johnson Wealth & Income Management. She joined Matthew’s team after finishing her degree in Business Administration. Ashley is passionate about helping and connecting with each person along the way. Whether you meet her at an event or through a phone call, she is most likely the first person you will work with. In her free time, Ashley and her daughter Violett, enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with friends & family.

“Each person has a unique life path. I strive to take the difficulty out of moving forward and replace that with confidence. Hoping I can assist each person in big and small ways.”

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Sue McQuillen

Client Liaison

When you dial Johnson Wealth and Income Management you most likely will first speak with our Client Liaison, Sue McQuillen. Sue’s main responsibility revolves around managing the team calendar and appointments, so she is the gal to talk to when you need to set an appointment or speak with one of the team members.
“I have met some of the most amazing people as I have had the privilege to take your calls. I look forward ensuring that every opportunity to interact with you is helpful, courteous, and concludes with the most convenient outcome I can arrange. When I answer your call ‘Thank you for calling Johnson Wealth and Income Management’ I really mean it, and I pledge to demonstrate our entire team’s appreciation and dedication. I look forward to visiting with you and getting to know you!”
Madison - Johnson Wealth and Income Management

Madison Clarahan

Office Administrator

Madison Clarahan is the Administrative Assistant at Johnson Wealth and Income Management at the Humboldt office. Her main responsibility is making you feel welcome and comfortable at the office, and confirming appointments with clients for Matthew and Amanda. In her free time, she is an avid painter and reader, and has two cats named Turkey and Simba. You will always be offered a freshly baked cookie from her when visiting the Humboldt office!

“We are made for goodness, We are made for friendliness, all are welcome.”

Alison - Johnson Wealth and Income Management

Alison Gearhart

Director of New Business
Alison Gearhart specializes in managing the day-to-day operations as the Director of New Business within Johnson Wealth & Income Management all while delivering exceptional client service.  Alison values building healthy, long-term relationships and thrives on learning and empowering others with information. Her willingness to take on tasks and challenges makes her a valuable asset to the team.
“Over the last two and half decades I have had the pleasure of continuing to hone my skills working for industry giants like Principal Financial Group and Allianz Life to doing what I am doing now, working directly with clients like you face to face. I am a North Dakota native, who grew up working or helping; deeply instilling my values of who I am today. Outside of work, I enjoy everything outdoors but most importantly, my favorite thing to do in life is bonding time with my husband and our 5 kids!”