Looking for a Full-Service Financial Firm in Iowa?

Financial advisors can help people manage their money and reach their financial goals. The advisor you choose will depend on your financial situation and your needs.

With financial pressures mounting during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone could use a little help to stay on course with their retirement plans. Financial advisors can provide a range of financial planning services, from investment management to budgeting guidance to estate planning.

You will rarely have a problem finding a financial advisor. The challenge, however, is deciding which advisor to work with. 

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Deciding whether to get a financial advisor or manage your own investments is a big decision. Not everyone needs an ongoing relationship with a financial planner or investment advisor. But many Iowans who would benefit from working with a wealth advisor don’t seek professional advice or mistakenly think they don’t need it. 

Are you asking yourself, do I really need a financial advisor? For many people, the answer is yes, as financial advisors can assist you with your finances in a number of ways:

  • Advisors can help you see the big picture to make your most important decisions. 
  • They can offer solutions for risk management, insurance planning and tax optimization. 
  • They can develop strategies, from financing your children’s education to caring for your aging parents, from helping you prepare for and live in retirement to creating an appropriate estate plan.

Financial Planning from Johnson Wealth and Income Management 

At Johnson Wealth and Income Management, our commitment is to help you work towards achieving all your financial goals and to help provide you with a “worry free” retirement. We offer the following services to help get you there:

Retirement Planning

Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified retirement plans, Social Security, and personal savings and investments are expected to play a role. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement income sources.

Investment Planning

Investing should be easy – just buy low and sell high – but most of us have trouble following that simple advice. There are principles and strategies that may enable you to put together an investment portfolio that reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals. Understanding these principles and strategies can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that snare some investors.

Tax Options

Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax bill should be part of any sound financial approach. Some taxes can be deferred, and others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. With careful and consistent preparation, you may be able to manage the impact of taxes on your financial efforts.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning can help you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the distribution of your wealth after death. An effective estate strategy can spell out your healthcare wishes and help ensure that they’re carried out – even if you are unable to communicate. It can even designate someone to manage your financial affairs should you be unable to do so.

Insurance Options

Insurance transfers the financial risk of life’s events to an insurance company. A sound insurance strategy can help protect your family from the financial consequences of those events. A strategy can include personal insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance.

Money Management

One of the keys to a sound financial strategy is spending less than you take in, and then finding a way to put your excess to work. A money management approach involves creating budgets to understand and make decisions about where your money is going. It also involves knowing where you may be able to put your excess cash to work.

Lifestyle Balance

How to strike a balance between work and leisure is just one aspect of the wide-ranging lifestyle matters.

Final Words

In today’s economic climate, financial advisors top the list of trusted sources for general financial and money management advice. But finding a financial adviser isn’t always easy. 

It’s important to choose someone you can trust, who makes you feel comfortable and whose skills are a good match for your individual needs. 

If you are looking for an Iowa-based, full-service financial firm you can count on, contact the team at Johnson Wealth and Income Management here today. Our friendly and courteous team are waiting for your call. 

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