How to Create the Retirement of Your Dreams

What does your dream retirement look like? Whether it’s having time to pursue your passions and talents, volunteer for an important cause, or be together with the people you love, each of us has a different dream of how we’d like to spend our golden years. But how do you actually achieve this dream? In order to get where you want, you need to plan for it.

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Matthew P. Johnson is President and Owner of Johnson Wealth and Income Management, a third-generation company that has been serving clients for over 75 years. Matthew has been advising clients in the financial services industry since 1999. He strives to educate clients on how to invest for income, help to avoid loss by utilizing more conservative investment options, and is dedicated to helping them achieve a well-planned retirement.

Johnson Wealth and Income Management is committed to educating its clients and the community through workshops on topics related to more conservative investment alternatives.


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