Explore Iowa: The Perfect Retirement Destination

There’s more to picking where to retire than just tax rates and proximity to family. While popular retirement destinations like Florida come to mind, a hidden gem such as Iowa can offer a fulfilling retirement experience. 

Curious about retiring in Iowa? Known for its picturesque landscapes, and affordable living, Iowa presents many benefits that make it an ideal place to settle down. This blog will explore the advantages of retiring in Iowa and why it deserves serious consideration in your retirement plan. Here’s what you should know.

Welcoming and Close-Knit Communities

Residents of Iowa are widely recognized for their friendliness and warmth, earning the moniker “Iowa Nice.” This term reflects their genuine prioritization of connections and relationships, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. In Iowa, warm hospitality and a strong sense of community perfectly complement its natural beauty. Retirees will seamlessly integrate into the community, finding open arms and numerous opportunities for socializing. Iowa might be right for you if you’re looking to forge new friendships and build a vibrant social network. Let’s take a deeper look at the opportunities Iowa has to offer.

Serene and Scenic Beauty

Iowa showcases its natural beauty as one of its greatest assets. Its countryside boasts scenic landscapes, winding rivers, and lush greenery, creating a picturesque setting. The state provides a serene and peaceful environment, offering retirees ample opportunities to connect with nature and indulge in outdoor activities like fishing and bird-watching. Retirees in Iowa can experience a four-season climate, ensuring they never tire of their surroundings. Embracing the ever-changing beauty of nature and immersing oneself in a tranquil and awe-inspiring environment is the essence of retiring in The Corn State.

Vibrant Cultural Scene and Recreation

Retiring in Iowa does not mean sacrificing a vibrant cultural scene or recreational opportunities. The state celebrates a rich heritage, with cities and towns offering museums, art galleries, theaters, and historical sites. Retirees can immerse themselves in Iowa’s unique history and cultural offerings, from visiting the iconic Field of Dreams to exploring the John Wayne Birthplace Museum. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the state’s love for college football, basketball, and baseball, allowing them to cheer on their favorite teams. Recreational activities like golfing, biking, and boating ensure retirees maintain an active and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Affordability and Cost of Living

Iowa is an attractive option for retirees regarding how far you can stretch your savings. Housing costs, healthcare expenses, and daily necessities are more affordable in Iowa. Housing prices are highly reasonable, with a remarkable 24% difference compared to the rest of the country. Expenses typically average 10% under the national average. Furthermore, utilities cost approximately 4% less, while necessities such as groceries and clothing come at a 4% lower price than the national average. This affordability allows retirees to make the most of their retirement funds, providing a more secure and worry-free financial foundation.

For retirees to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without straining their finances, choosing Iowa as your retirement destination allows you to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle without breaking the bank. The state’s commitment to affordability and its tax-friendly policies make it an attractive option for retirees looking to help maximize their retirement savings while relishing in all the benefits Iowa offers.

Quality Healthcare 

Access to quality healthcare is a crucial consideration for retirees. Iowa has numerous well-regarded healthcare facilities, including hospitals, medical centers, and specialized clinics. The state offers a comprehensive healthcare system with skilled medical professionals, ensuring retirees receive the care and support they need to maintain their well-being. With a focus on patient-centered care and a reputation for medical excellence, retirees can rest easy knowing that their healthcare needs will be met in Iowa.

Based on data from the United Health Foundation, Iowa demonstrates a solid commitment to healthcare access. Only 4.8% of Iowans are uninsured, ranking 6th nationally, emphasizing the state’s efforts to ensure that residents have adequate healthcare coverage. Moreover, Iowa ranks an impressive No. 2 for public health funding. This ranking considers factors such as the number of hospital beds, the availability of primary care providers, the percentage of the population with access to insurance, and the ease of accessing care from doctors, clinics, and specialists using Medicare.

Overall, these statistics highlight Iowa’s dedication to healthcare and the well-being of its residents, making it a good place for accessing quality medical services.

Tax Benefits

Iowa’s tax provisions for retirees offer a range of favorable benefits. One such advantage is the recently enacted property tax exemption available to eligible seniors. Governor Kim Reynolds signed this property tax cut into law on May 4. Seniors have until July 1 to apply for this exemption. Military veterans who qualify for an existing tax credit will automatically receive the new exemption without needing a separate application. The swift passage of this legislation reflects Iowa’s commitment to providing tax relief and support for veterans and the elderly.

Moreover, Iowa provides a retirement income exclusion specifically designed for taxpayers aged 55 and older. This exclusion allows individuals to exclude a portion of their retirement income, such as pensions and annuities, from state income taxes. This can significantly reduce retirees’ taxable income, potentially lowering their overall tax liability and enabling them to retain more of their hard-earned income during their golden years.

Iowa’s relatively low property tax burden compared to other states makes it particularly attractive for retirees who own homes. The affordability of property taxes contributes to a more favorable financial outlook, ensuring that retirees can better manage their expenses and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Overall, Iowa’s tax policies work in tandem to create a beneficial environment for retirees, offering opportunities to help minimize tax obligations and preserve their financial well-being throughout their retirement journey.

Plan Your Iowa Retirement Today

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Final Thoughts

With its numerous benefits, retiring in Iowa is an appealing choice for those seeking a fulfilling retirement. At Johnson Wealth and Income Management, we are committed to assisting you in working towards achieving all your financial goals and helping ensure a “worry-free” retirement.

If you’re ready to begin your retirement journey in Iowa, contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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