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Today, we’re opening the virtual mailbag to answer the most pressing questions we receive here at Johnson Wealth and Income Management. Today’s listener, Judith, asks, “I’m on a fixed income, pay rent, have my Social Security income, pension, CDs, and insurance policies. But I’m not invested in stocks, and this income still isn’t enough to …

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Longevity planning

For The Long Haul

Are you personally prepared for a retirement that will be longer than expected? People are living longer than you may think, so a sound retirement plan needs to anticipate a retirement that could last decades. Listen here to learn more. Capitalized Life Radio Show · For The Long Haul

Investing podcast

Investment Schizophrenia

Having a lack of focus and control directly (and negatively) affects your investment outcomes. The result? A portfolio that is unstable. Find out more in the latest Capitalized Life and Retirement Show with Matthew P. Johnson here.   Capitalized Life Radio Show · Investment Schizophrenia