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Financial Tips for International Day of Disaster Reduction

When it comes to mitigating disasters, a culture of preparedness and long-term safety can prove invaluable when it comes to your finances.  The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction observed on 13 October, is an opportunity to acknowledge the progress being made toward reducing disaster risk and losses in lives, livelihoods and health, to prepare …

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Can I Afford To Retire?

If you’re getting ready to retire or thinking about retirement, it’s important to get your finances in order. The first step is meeting with a Fiduciary Advisor. They can help you address the most fundamental retirement question of all. Watch the latest Capitalized Life and Retirement Show podcast with Matthew P. Johnson here to learn more.

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Now What?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t fight the FED,” but what does it really mean? It means that the Federal Reserve (FED) greatly impacts our money and what we can buy. The FED’s decisions can directly influence our economy. Even as inflation led to higher interest rates, the FED chose not to adjust them. …

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Today, we’re opening the virtual mailbag to answer the most pressing questions we receive here at Johnson Wealth and Income Management. Today’s listener, Judith, asks, “I’m on a fixed income, pay rent, have my Social Security income, pension, CDs, and insurance policies. But I’m not invested in stocks, and this income still isn’t enough to …

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Considerations When Building a Retirement Plan

If you’ve invested years in growing your retirement savings, it’s natural to want to protect those hard-earned assets. Despite your diligent savings efforts, unexpected financial challenges are always a possibility. But with careful preparation, you can establish a plan that helps provide peace of mind as you approach your golden years. In this blog, we’ll …

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Matthew P. Johnson on “The Watch List” with Nicole Petallides

September is typically a weak month for stocks. The lack of economic updates makes some traders wait for more info about a possible rate increase from the Federal Reserve. Should you be concerned about your portfolio? Here, Matthew P. Johnson of Johnson Wealth and Income Management joins Nicole Petallides on the Watch List to discuss …

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