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Daily Prescription Podcast

Matthew's Daily Prescriptions are your daily dose of financial medicine. Listen to Matthew your friend and neighbor on these great radio stations:

The Bolt 97.7, KWMT AM 540, Hippie Radio 105.9 and The Kruise 1570 KZWC 92.9.

Matthew will keep you up to date on financial topics and upcoming events...don’t miss out!

In case you miss a "Daily Prescription" don’t worry click on the link below to listen to the "Daily Prescription" you missed or to listen to it over again if you didn’t get all the information the first time...ENJOY!

Retirement Flight Plan

Missing Success By 3 Feet

Without A Map

Getting All Hung Up

Warning Warning

Clean Windshield

Estate Planning

Living Longer Than You Thought

All the Right Things at the Wrong Time

Feeling the Mortality

Are They Worth It

Chasing The Why

Coaching Coordinator

Social Security Workshop

Return on Principle Workshop

60 Minutes to Social Security Success Workshop

What Are You Doing?


Wall Street Slang

Year of Opportunity

Saving for What Reason?

How Much Can You Withdraw?

Knowing VS. Doing

Are You Coachable?

One Tool Only

So Who Needs Financial Planning

Nothing Changes Unless

It's the Little Details

Healthy Gains

Tourniquet Time

Willing to Fail and Willing to Learn

True Diversification

Estate Planning Workshop

The One

The Missing One Percent

Sore or Sorry

The Comstock Lode

Take Time to Teach

Should VS. Must

Retirement Control Freak

Quit Looking For Angels

Off By One Degree

No Vision

New Years Resolution

Junk Drawer Investing

Investment Schizophrenia

Goals Not Optional

Estate Planning- Keeping it Simple

Estate Planning


Life Insurance

Mutual Funds Coin Flip

Retirement Poverty


Second Opinion

The Half's

Time for Income

Social Security

Estate Planning

Failing to Plan

Season of Giving

A Tale of Two Cities

Tourniquet Time


Financial Train Wreck

Happy Trails

Financial Dragster

Financial Fudgery

Following the Yellow Brick Road

Financial Emergency 911

Financial Insanity

What's in your 401K?

The Gambler

Financial Epidemic

"RMD'S and You"

What's Your Vision?

History Repeats Itself